Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The article that I read was about a new technology that will help us all save energy. The product is called the Ecodrain. The Ecodrain is an invention that helps to save the energy that we use from our hot water heater every time we shower. The idea behind this was born from the fact that after we use the warm water from our shower it is then just thrown down the drain. It takes a lot of energy to warm the water that we use to shower. Once it touches us and goes down the drain the remainder of the energy in the hot water (which is still more or less the same temperature) is just washed down the drain. This product uses the remaining energy in the hot water to heat up water that is about to come through the showerhead. This means that we will be able to turn down the hot water knob and still get the same temperature out of the showerhead. This is beneficial because it could save us up to 40% of the energy we use from our hot water heater.

            I think this is a great product for two reasons. First it saves energy, which is obviously great for the environment. Frequently the problem with great products like this is, they are not usually affordable as an alternative to what people use now. While I am not sure of the price of this product, the best part about this is that it will help people reduce their electric bill by a large amount. Saving 40% of the energy we use every time we shower is fiscally responsible for peoples budgets as well as good for the environment. This win-win situation is something we rarely see with new green products.


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