Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cloud Computing: Counting Nebulae Or A New Business Idea?

As students, none of us really have to worry about serious number crunching, data retrieval, or data analysis, but as we grow older and start applying for serious jobs with serious companies these will be just a few of many tasks put on our shoulders. The only problem is everytime things like this will occur we will have to run back to the office,maybe late at night, just to make sure we get the job done, or do we.
One of the new ideas that has come from the minds of us screenagers is "Cloud Computing", a growing service compromised of various networks and resources, provided over the internet. In layman's terms this service provides the resources, networks, service providers (Google, Yahoo, Amazon), softwares, platforms, and infrastructures you need as a business person to get work done anywhere necessary. The idea is that all the information need is provided for over the internet and never needs to be saved or transfered because it will always be accesible.
I for one think this is a fantastic idea; instead of worrying about running around trying to find data or a system that supports the work you are trying to accomplish all that is needed is an internet connection. Security and safety are the biggest concerns of large corporations, however, the idea of the "Cloud" is that no information or data is saved at the workstation or on the computer you were using, it is only available in the cloud.
Having this technology will help all sorts of business grow due to faster production and more efficient work. It may cause a little anxiety at first because a boss may call early in the morning asking to see the numbers for a new deal, but as "Cloud Counting" advances the speed, performance, and reliability of it will increase and the ease of using it will too. Instead of being on vacation and trying to find a computer for work it will be done in twenty minutes using your cell phone so you don't have to worry about leaving the beach. "Cloud Counting" is the next great idea for the way business will be done and will be exciting to see how it is incorporated into the work place.


Peter Dobrowski

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