Monday, March 16, 2009

Electric Car Whiz Builds World's First Plug-In Hybrid Speedboat

I am sure many people have heard about the Aptera electric three-wheeled car, but what about the Epic 23e? The Epic 23e is the newest wake boat developed by Chris Anthony of Epic Boats. The boat's characteristics that separate itself from what is already out in the market is its Flux Propulsion EVO 8.1 Marine Drive System, which allows for the boat to run on rechargeable lithium ion batteries. The only time the gas engine is used is when it recharges these batteries that allow for the boat to run for four hours at a time. Currently, there is a lot of media directing towards the need of being more green on the road, but with this invention, people now have the option to stay green on water!

It is said that the Epic 23e will result in as much as a 50% reduction in fuel and a 90% drop in carbon monoxide emissions--a huge step towards the advancement of becoming a more green world. Although this boat offers the great characteristic of battery power, the developers thought that by adding a touch screen interface, GPS speed control, and an entertainment system, there is much confidence that the Epic 23e will attract many customers. However, with every great gadget in this world, there is always one glitch and in Anthony's case the price factor may cause many customers to turn away from his product. The estimated price for the Epic 23e is $150,000 when it is introduced to the market in July, but there has been comments made toward a more improved product in the future only costing $70,000.

Excluding the price factor, I believe the Epic 23e will be very successful in the boating market. Not only does it offer the opportunity to become more green, now, it is easier to maintain power for the boat since it runs on a rechargeable battery. In addition, this wake boat promises the high speed that previous wake boats offer, so the customers do not have to sacrifice their "need for speed" with this new product. I would be very surprised if the Epic 23e fails because it offers a way for people to have fun out on the open waters while saving our planet.

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