Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cut and paste, MMS highlight iPhone 3.0 improvements

To say that I love my iPod Touch is an understatement. For anyone that is not familiar with this part of the iPod family, the iPod Touch is a complete touchscreen, just like the iPhone. And with my computer currently in the shop, I’ve been using it more than ever. I can send and receive email, browse the internet, play games, all while listening to my favorite songs. And as of less than an hour ago, the iPod Touch and iPhone will soon get a lot better. Apple just announced software update 3.0. This offers more than 100 new features to make the iPhone much more useful. One exciting new feature is the ability to copy & paste. I will soon be able to copy one of my few thousand pictures and send it to a friend in an email with just a click of the screen. Apple also enabled Multimedia Messaging Support (MMS). This enables you to send and receive information a lot easier. The new software that would probably help me the most is Wi-Fi automatic login. Whenever I use my iPod Touch to surf the internet, I need to log in to Loyola’s wireless network. This only takes a minute, but those minutes can really add up and will make my life a lot easier.
As I said, there are over 100 new features with this software update, so I could go on and on about the shake & shuffle, audio recording, search options, Bluetooth support, among others. Individually, these updates would not be that groundbreaking. But as a collective group, this software update just strengthens the lead that the iPhone has over its smartphone competitors. I know millions and millions of people are obsessed with their Blackberry devices, but the iPhone has so many features and capabilities it is almost untouchable in some aspects. No other smartphone can have so much on it at the same time. You can play browse the REAL internet (compared to other smartphones that offer basic and dumbed down versions), check your email, go on instant messenger, see all your pictures, listen to music, watch movies, and even play Pac-Man. If an unbiased person entered the market for smartphones, I don’t see any reason why a Blackberry would be better. Of course, this opinion is coming from an owner (and huge fan) of an iPod and Mac computer. But this new software takes an already remarkable product and makes it better.


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