Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Oracles Launches New Version of Mantas

Oracle has recently launched a new version of its already popular Mantas. This new software is an improvement on the already existing Mantas. The Oracle Mantas Behavior Detection Platform provides its user with the most complete financial crime management process oversight by using all key dimensions including detection, prevention, investigation, and resolution in multiple channels, jurisdictions, lines of businesses, and customer life-cycle stages. The new update will allow its users access to more protection and preventions functions, enhanced investigations through the enterprise-level case management as well as alert and event correlation for financial crime. This basically allows the users to monitor the smallest financial transactions. It will also allow its users to use new interactive dashboards and better queries. The basic components of the system will be there but the new feature will revolutionize the way financial crime prevention will take place. In essence this new version is almost completely new because of these several key aspects. These new capabilities allow institutions to more easily use information from multiple sources, further preventing financial crime. This new technology allows its user to take financial info and then by using this info it can prevent or detect the crime that might or is already happening.

This new software looks great, unless you are someone who wants to defraud a bank or other financial institution. The basics are back for Mantas but along with this already proven technology there are new aspects. This new aspects seem to make it easier for a bank or financial institution to detect and prevent fraud. This is a good thing because that means that peoples’ hard earned money well be guarded even better. This will also allow these financial institutions to worry more about making people and themselves money then people stealing that same money from them. Like I said this new software looks to revolutionize the prevention and detection of financial crime. This is great for all unless you are the one’s committing the crime.


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