Monday, March 16, 2009

Sprint Nextel's Latest Smartphone

Sprint released the brand new LG Rumor2 phone on Sunday, March 15, the newest smartphone available at this time. This slider provides a way to manage messages and voice calls. It includes a full QWERTY keypad (when open) and an alpha numeric keypad for easy texting and voice calls. The display is 1.2 by 1.61 inches. There are many improvements over the last Rumor. The screen resolution has increased. Sprint Nextel has realized America’s dependency on texting, and has added another row of keys to make this process easier. This new phone has an extra battery cover and backplate to allow customization for all buyers. It is also “stereo Bluetooth compatible”. The phone sells for $50 dollars (after rebate) with a two year service agreement. Comparable smartphones, such as the Blackberry storm, sell for $200 or more after rebates. It will be available in standard Titanium Black and Vibrant Blue. The phone is 4.4 by 2.1 inches and is .7 of an inch thick when closed. The phone weighs 4.23 ounces. The phone is perfect for music storage with a micro SD card slot which can hold 16GB. It provides the consumer with global positioning system navigation and access to email accounts. This inexpensive phone can support up to 5.5 hours of “talk time”. It has a camera with a 2x zoom which is 1.3 megapixels. By opening a plan with Sprint, users can sign up for the “Everything Messaging Plan”. This allows buyers unlimited text, video, and picture messaging, unlimited night and weekend minutes, unlimited mobile to mobile minutes, and 450 anytime minutes each month. This is 70 dollars less per month than a cell phone user would find with Verizon or AT&T. In these economic times, Sprint realizes provides great value for the customer by offering a top of the line phone and plan for such a low cost.

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