Monday, March 16, 2009

Volvo's New Accident Avoidance Technology

This article is about a new technology in Volvo cars called "City Safety". It automatically brakes the car when a vehicle in front stops short. This technology could help avoid rear end accidents. it uses a radar to watch the traffic in front of the car. Director of the Volvo Cars Safety Centre, Ingrid Skogsmo states " This system offers benefits to all involved. For the occupents of the car in front, the risk of whiplash injuries is avoided and reduced, plus it can help reduce or even eliminate the cost of repairs to both vehicles". This "City Safety" feature will not be available for two more years, although currently Volvo introduced the Collision Warning and Brake Support. These current systems " alert the driver via audible and visual signals if the gap to the car in front is reducing so quickly that an impact is likely. It automatically pre-charges the braking system so that braking is as effective as possible in an emergency situation but it doesnt offer full auto-braking".
I think this City Safety technology would be great in all vehicles. Both my sister and I have been rear-ended this year. One of our cars was totalled and the our other car was hit from behind so hard that it hit the next car ( double insurance). Both of these accidents could have been avoided if the drivers had this technology in their car, or if they were paying attention to the road and red light ahead of them. It would also be great for rush hour traffic, which is when most people get rear-ended.

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