Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Paperless Books


The article I reviewed was about the new innovations in books: the book without paper. New technologies, like the Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader, and even the ever popular Iphone have been developed to allow users to download books, much like we download music, onto a portable reader. The Kindle and The Reader both come with 100 books from out of copyright sources, and an Itunes like store allows you to browse, purchase, and download more reads of your choice.
Usually, the reading materials that I carry with me are newspapers or magazines, both of which I can't imagine reading from a phone-sized medium. Personally, if I'm sitting on the train on my morning commute, whats the difference if I take out my paperback, or whip out my Iphone to read a book? Books are better off being read from something that's tangible; it makes the experience all that more important.
Moreover, I couldn't imagine laying on the beach in the blazing sun without a real book in my hand. Half the time I can't even see the screen of my cell phone when it's that sunny out let alone read a the full text of a novel off a 3 inch glare-covered screen.

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