Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Boxee iPhone App: A Little Late, but Worth the Wait

Although the wait was long, the Boxee iPhone application was approved just yesterday by the iTunes Application Store. Boxee is a media center software that allows its users to view and share content with others through social networking. In the past, Boxee users would navigate the software via a small Apple remote control that comes included with many Mac desktops and AppleTV; however this remote proved to be inadequate due to its inability to manage interactions requiring input from a keyboard. Luckily for "geeks all
over," as the article says, the newly introduced application added a Boxee remote with two different modes. One mode is the "Buttons" mode, which serves as more of a navigational tool. A screen appears with arrows for up, down, left and right, volume control, as well as an OK button. The second mode, the "Gesture mode," is a touch screen mode with a fully functional keypad. A Boxee symbol appears in the middle of the screen and serves as the touch pad. The user places a finger on the symbol and uses it as a mouse. The keypad is the most notable upgrade because it allows users to navigate parts Boxee that it could not previously access.
This convenient remote has become so popular in the recent past that people have begun to use them for their family room television sets. If the newly approved iPhone application is successful, we could start to see Apple iPhones on coffee tables across the globe.


  1. I have been thinking of purchasing an iPhone recently, and this application is of interest to me because I would be able to use this application. In the past, I have seen similar applications used on a Palm Pilot, and thought the feature was fairly useful. Applications such as this only further the idea that the iPhone might become the hardware, which can basically do everything. The only thing I'm waiting for now, is a hard-drive upgrade, so I can fit all of my music and other media on it, and once this happens, I believe I will be able to do just about anything on my iphone

  2. James, I really don't care about anything you just said.