Monday, March 16, 2009

Mirror, Mirror...What's on TV?

Royal Philips Electronics has introduced a new product that may appear odd and peculiar at first but it can change the set up of homes and hotels in the near future. The Mirror TV is an LCD television display incorporated just inside of a mirror on the wall. The screen so far has been produced in 17 inch, 23 inch, and 30 inch dimensions. Philips has finally decided to commercialize the product after testing it in their “HomeLab” on prospective customers. The prospects were appealed to the potential ability to get the latest news and weather in the morning while they shaved, brushed their teeth, and got ready to start their day. This new technology combines two assets of a home and increases the efficiency of an individual before they head to work or school. The product has been tested among past customers and has met their needs and as a result Philips believes the product can be a success in the near future. Philips initially plans to market the product towards hotels with the idea of advertising the ability to save space in a smaller room in a trendy fashion.
I think this is a fascinating new product especially for hotels as well as homes of the future. Many hotels do not want to waste already limited space with a bulky television that will rarely be watched. Instead the hotel can combine the mirrors on the wall with the television and create a more spacious room for its guests. The wires and electronics of the television are hidden so it creates a stylish look to the room as well. The Mirror TV can be placed in the center of the room receiving great attention as the screen can be as large as thirty inches or it can be placed above a sink in the bathroom and watched as the person is getting ready to leave for the day or night. While the product may initially be more expensive than a standard television set the hotels can increase their price by advertising more spacious and up-to-date rooms. Along with hotels I believe the future of home design will be affected by this introduction of technology as well. Many homes emphasize large rooms with open space and by combining two common assets of a room this can save space and increase the value of the home. For the home versions of the Mirror TV Philips is hoping to implement a more advanced version that can connect wirelessly to the internet and provide up to the minute specific news for adults and cartoons for children. I think this can change the morning atmosphere of the future for everyone. Adults will gain more knowledge of the world heading into work and I believe this can improve their business decisions and increase their productivity. A price has not yet been set however based on the one- of-a-kind information the Mirror TV can provide, a smaller set is certainly valuable even in today’s economy. I truly believe the Mirror TV will have an impact on the future of hotel and home design and will significantly change the way each and every person begins their day and this can result in an improved and more productive day in the business world.

Article by: 21st Century Technology, Individual author unknown

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