Monday, March 16, 2009

Wireless Electricity, Not So Far Off

Many people absolutely hate how many power cords they have going to power strips all over their houses. They get tangled up and are impossible to maneuver. Now imagine a world where all your electronic devices can be charged wirelessly. That is what this article is about. Recently there has been a movement from various tech companies to create pads which will charge other devices that have a matching pad. This would make it much easier to keep all of your electronics organized because you will never have to fumble around in powercords.

Different variations of this invention are being developed. Early stages that are close to being on the market are simple and can only power one device per pad. New developments are taking place to try to create household items such as tables which have integrated pads and would be able to charge all electronic items placed on it.

Overall I think this is a very good and an extremely profitable idea. Being able to eliminate power strips from your home or office will save space and allow the area to look more organized. If in the future they are able to create a form of this wireless power that can be attached to any device, I believe it more than likely would become the new standard.


  1. The Palm Pre (soon to be big competitor to the iPhone) is going to be one of the first products to feature wireless charging. You can buy a magnetic dock that always has to be plugged in. Charging your phone is as easy as putting it down on the dock. No more connecting wires.

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